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Movie Review: Dredd

Movie Review: Dredd By Poort for It brings with Judge Dredd couldn’t: quality. Set in the future, violence has overcome society. The only authority is a police-force called the “Judges”. When ...

Review: Total Recall

Review: Total Recall By Poort for The Trailer looked awesome, but is the remake better than the original? I couldn’t help but compare it immediately to the originial Total Recall (1990) with Arnold Schwar...

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Review: Prometheus

Review: Prometheus By Poort for   I have actually watched Prometheus 2 times as I wasn’t sure what to think of it the first time I saw it. When I watched it for the first time in the cinema I was disappoi...

The Avengers Movie Poster
The Avengers Movie Poster
The Avengers Movie Poster

Review: The Avengers

The Avengers Reviewed by Poort for Another Super Heroes Movie… But what a good one! As a moderate fan of Marvel’s Super Heroes I really enjoyed this particular movie. Over the last few years I was u...