What Is MovieAddictz

Jordy Boer and Charlie-Robinson Poortvliet

Starting out as 2 friends and Movie Lovers, the idea to found MovieAddictz was quickly to become a reality. Let us introduce ourselves:

Jordy Boer

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What do I love about movies? Well to begin with, everything…

Ever since I was a little kid, I was never ever more in my element, than when I was sitting in front of the tv with the remote of the VCR in my hand. Although much has changed since then, whenever I’m watching a film, I’m still the same little kid who just loves to be told a story.

Depending on which mood I’m in, I pretty much watch and enjoy all sorts of films, although horror movies just give me a big dosis of adrenaline and bad dreams…

The movies I like the most , are the ones that move me, make me laugh until I cry or the ones that leave a scar (like Spielberg’s Jaws after which I never swam in the ocean again).

Charlie-Robinson Poortvliet

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As someone who has most of his spare time at night, I really like to watch movies after work. My current job as a poker coach and owner at StakeTrain is very time-consuming. I like nothing better than to watch a DVD or BluRay after a good day’s work. My favourite genres are Comedy and Horror, but I do watch a bit of everything to be honest. Peter Sellers is my all-time comedy role-model, although Steve Carell and Will Ferrell always make me laugh as well.

Watch for my reviews under the name of ‘Poort’ and enjoy MovieAddictz!

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